Aug 09 2012

What is Private Health Insurance?

Private medical insurance is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment for ‘acute conditions’ that start after your policy begins. An acute condition is a disease, illness or injury that is likely to respond quickly to treatment that aims to return you to the state of health you were in immediately before suffering …

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Dec 19 2014

When Shale Hedges Fail: The Downside Of Three-Ways

“[Shale Oil]Producers are inherently bullish,” warns one energy-hedging firm, and that truth belies the weakness in the apparent hedging programs many over-optimistic energy firms are facing now. We hear day after day that, in the short-term, low price…

Dec 19 2014

Links to help me review my condo insurance

Looks like I need to make sure I understand what “Dwelling” covers, such as whether it includes the water boiler and heat pump. Looks like I should make a rough inventory of what we own, to get a feel for replacement cost. I guess I’ll want to schedule…

Dec 19 2014

A.M. Best : Comments on Ratings of Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company and Its Affiliates Following Acquisition Announcement

( A.M. Best has commented that the financial strength rating (FSR) of A (Excellent) and the issuer credit ratings (ICR) of “a” of Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company (FFIC) (Novato, CA) and its reinsured affiliates, collectively referred to as Fireman’s Fund Insurance Companies… http://

Dec 19 2014

Obama: Health Insurance, Diplomacy Among Strides Made In 2014

President Barack Obama claims an array of successes in 2014, citing lower unemployment, a rising number of Americans covered by health insurance, and an historic diplomatic opening with Cuba.

Dec 19 2014

Obama Swaggers on Water

The secret to Barack Obama’s success is an apparently infinite capacity for feeling good about himself without any evidence to support the conclusion. That’s what propelled a one-term U.S. senator and former Illinois state legislator with an undistinguished record in either body to the presidency: a

Dec 19 2014

Obama cautions that change may be slow to come to Cuba – Daily Mail

Yahoo News UKObama cautions that change may be slow to come to CubaDaily MailThe president claimed an array of successes in 2014, citing lower unemployment, a rising number of Americans covered by health insurance, and an historic diplomatic opening wi…

Dec 19 2014

The New Liberal Line: The ACA Is Not About Costs

The polls don’t lie: Things in the U.S. health care system are really bad and getting worse in at least several important ways. In a recent New York Times piece, Elisabeth Rosenthal collects data from a national NYT survey on health care costs. The results confirm what we already knew: average Ameri

Dec 19 2014

Indiegogo Unveils ‘Life’ Fundraising Site For Personal Causes

Indiegogo is one of the top fundraising platforms for independent creators’ projects. However, the site’s users weren’t allowed to post campaigns related to personal initiatives, until now. Indiegogo just launched a site called Life to cater to users’ personal causes and goals. Users can sign up to

Dec 19 2014

Coldwell Banker dumps Bellmarc

From left: Bellmarc CEO Neil Binder and Coldwell Banker CEO Budge Huskey National brokerage Coldwell Banker terminated its franchise agreement with the embattled Bellmarc Group today amid claims that the Manhattan firm failed to pay thousands of dollar…

Dec 19 2014

Crossing The Line

The week winds down yet again as fast as it began. Next week is Christmas already again too. It is like these week and this entire year just flew by and continue to get quicker. In a way I like it but in a way I do not because it is like so much time i…

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